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Honeywell Horizon 7625 Barcode scanner

Honeywell Horizon 7625 Barcode scanner
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Price: Rs.39,000.0
Availability: 100
Model: 7625 (Multi Beam)
Manufacturer: honeywell
Average Rating: Not Rated

The Horizon 7625 is a professional laser scanner for installation in retail cash desks. With a sturdy cast aluminium housing and a hardened sapphire scan window, it is even suitable for rather rough environments. Its omni-directional scan engine reads bar codes at high speeds from any direction. This makes the Horizon 7625 a solution for small groups of cash desks in supermarkets as well as for single cash desks in special retail shops, libraries, petrol stations or newsagents.
The scanner's highly aggressive laser engine reads with an omni-directional scan pattern of 4x5 laser lines to scan the bar codes at high speed from any direction. The user is no longer required to align the bar code along the laser line of the scanner, which increases the check-out speed significantly. Waiting queues are prevented and customer service is improved at the same time.
With the Horizon 7625, maintenance is made easy – connection cables and scan windows can be replaced by the user without any additional technical knowledge. The laser engine itself is extremely hard-wearing and maintenance-free, giving the device a very long service life. A decoder with extensive programming options helps with an individual adaptation of your POS system. Use it to configure transmission parameters, readable bar codes, receipt signals and more. Configuration only requires the MetroSet2 Software (requires serial cable) or can be accomplished with programming bar codes included in the provided programming manual.
In order to deactivate security labels (EAS) during scanning, the Horizon features an integrated EAS aerial for connection to an EAS pulse generator.
Additionally, the Horizon 7625 features an AUX peripheral port for connecting extra hand-held laser scanners or magnetic stripe readers over the same interface to the system. If required, an installation frame for table installation can be ordered separately.

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Honeywell Horizon 7625 Barcode scanner
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